Aldo Acevedo

Computer skills

Programming languages:

PHP, JavaScript, C/C++, Python, MATLAB, Perl.

Web technologies:

HTML, Twig, CSS, Bootstrap.


Symfony (advanced).

Office software:

Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, LaTeX.

Operating systems:

Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux.

Version control:


Protocols & APIs:

SSH, JSON, XML, AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap.


MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

Project management:

Todoist, Trello.


Basic electronics, Arduino, Wireless connectivity (Xbee, GSM).

Bioinformatic skills

Genomics bioinformatics:

Biological sequences study (alignment, pattern search, and comparative analysis). Script development to annotate reading frames.

Structural bioinformatics:

Molecular parameterization and optimization. Orbitals study and frequency analysis. Systems preparation for molecular dynamics. Homology modeling. Molecular docking. Structural simulations and energy minimization.