Aldo Acevedo

Personal details

Full name:

Aldo Marcelino Acevedo Toledo.


10th December, 1991.


Dresden, Germany.


(+49) 163 3640877.

Professional profile

I studied a multidisciplinary career. This allowed me to acquired skills to integrate myself without problems in very diverse areas. I have a solid base in science and technology, which has empowered me to develop computer applications to analyze and interpret biological data, manage databases, and develop several projects with strong integration of fundamental abilities focused on teamwork, entrepreneurship, innovation, and social responsibility.

During my Diploma thesis, I integrated electronics as a new area of knowledge, developing devices focused on condition monitoring that affect agricultural crops, creating preventive alerts for the efficient use of resources.

Currently, I am doing my Ph.D., specializing in Artificial Intelligence. I am part of a multidisciplinary team composed of students from different nationalities at the Biotechnology Center of the TU Dresden (BIOTEC), Germany. Our goal is to create, develop and implement new algorithms for personalized medicine, biological networks, combinatorial therapy, among other applications.


What I like to do.

Precision agriculture

Development of smart devices to monitor crops.

Technologies: Arduino, Renewable energy (Solar), Sensors, Wireless communication (Xbee, GSM).

Information systems

Development of information systems to manage and process data.

Technologies: Symfony Framework, PHP, Twig, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.


Development of software to analyze biological processes, high-dimensional datasets, and computational chemistry.

Technologies: MATLAB, Python, R, Bash.