Aldo Acevedo


"Everything we do is a definition, a piece of us"

I am really glad to say that I am not a person who is only engaged in research. I have participated in several events related to the dissemination of scientific knowledge to the community.

Vega de la Ciencia


Speaker in the urban fair "La Vega de la Ciencia" created by PAR Explora Conicyt Maule, whose objective was to deliver, spread, and share science and technology in different beaches in the Maule Region, Chile.

Explora Chile VA!


Projects supervisor at the scientific camp called "Chile VA!" organized by PAR Explora Conicyt Maule with more than 120 students creating ideas to help people with disability.



Co-founder of Rukatec Ltda company, dedicated to develop IT services, and commercialize technological supplies.

2nd Congress of Bioinformatics Engineering


Speaker at the second congress of Bioinformatics Engineering with the presentation titled "Is this Bioinformatics?" about the electronics application as a new area in bioinformatics.

Maker Maule


Supervisor of two scientific projects that participated in "Maker Maule", an initiative organized by PAR Explora Conicyt Maule that seeks to develop entrepreneurship and social innovation skills in high school students.

Laboratorios Móviles


Speaker at the activity called "Laboratorios móviles" organized by PAR Explora Conicyt Maule, creating a mobile laboratory titled "JuganTICs - Jugando con Tecnologías de la Información" (JuganTICs - Playing with Information Technologies) where primary school students interact with new technologies, learn how to program, and develop small technological projects.

Carnaval Creativo


Speaker in the event called "Carnaval Creativo" organized by the University of Talca in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Presenting technological devices focused on crops monitoring and efficient resource utilization.

1st Congress of Bioinformatics Engineering


Speaker of the poster titled "Implementation of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the determination of ventilation critical hours in tomato greenhouses" in the first congress of Bioinformatics Engineering.

Bioinformatics Engineering Student Council


President of the Bioinformatics Engineering Student Council for two consecutive periods in 2012 and 2013 respectively.